Porsche 911


One of our favourite episodes of Top Gear is the one where they en devour on a search for ‘Driving Heaven’. One of the cars they looked at was the Porsche 911, here’s our take:

The Porsche 911 has been around for a long time. The 911 has been an important model for many Porsche’s to follow. The 911 has provided an affordable supercar and has become a very familiar name within this sector of the market.

The 911 has evolved and progressed through the years and is even offered in Turbo form. The 911 sports a sensational exterior design, 4X4 mechanicals, and a very competent turbo engine.

The 911 is capable of producing 480bhp and can go from 0-62mph in as little as 3.9 seconds. The 911 provides a fast and stable ride even when pushed hard. The 911 provides a smooth ride and enthusiastic drivers will appreciate the 911’s ability to maintain impressive speeds.

The 911 boasts an excellent build quality and should prove to be as durable as it is fast. Porsche offers the option of ceramic brakes for buyers who intend on pushing the 911 to its full potential.


The 911 will be an expensive car to buy and own. Insurance rates will be high and fuel economy will not be good. Maintenance should be routine given Porsche’s reputation for reliability. Buyers should invest in a top of the line security system as well.

The 911 provides comfortable seating for two. The car comes with two rear seats but they are so small that only children could ride with any degree of comfort. The boot provides better space than would be expected and the glove box is fairly large as well.

The modern 911’s boast clearly laid out instrumentation. The controls and dials are large and practically placed. Everything is easy to operate and functional. The sat-nav system is also extremely user-friendly.

The 911’s steering wheel adjusts for both reach and rake. Drivers shouldn’t have any trouble getting comfortable in the supportive and fully adjustable seats. Engine noise is prevalent especially when driven hard but is not likely to annoy Porsche owners.

The 911 can be difficult to park. The driver sits low and may have difficulties judging the car’s extremities. Thankfully steering is light at low speeds and helps out a lot when parking the 911.

Life Style

The Porsche 911 can reach a maximum speed of close to 200mph and boasts close to 500bhp. The 911 provides a stable and decent ride in town and on the open road it delivers a powerful, fast and exhilarating ride.

The 911 would not be a good family car. Even though there are four seats only the front two seats are usable on a regular basis. Cabin space is too limited and boot space is limited as well.

The 911 would not be a good first car either. It is too powerful and too expensive to purchase and run for most first time car buyers. Insurance rates would be too high for most novice drivers too.

Porsche has always had a positive image and a good reputation for manufacturing quality sports cars. Through the years the quality of Porsche’s have improved and more modern technology has been added to keep the 911 fresh.

Safety and Security

The 911’s standard security features include remote central locking, an alarm and an engine immobilizer. Given the 911’s kerb appeal the best security will be a locked garage.

The 911’s standard safety features include an array of airbags, exceptional brakes, and electronic traction aids. The 911 provides excellent braking

The Finishing Touches

The 911’s standard audio features include a radio/CD player. The unit boasts excellent sound quality The unit’s basic controls have been duplicated on the steering wheel for the drivers convenience.

The 911 also comes standard with a variety of exterior colours to choose from. The 911’s interior has a quality look and feel. The over all impression is that the cabin materials are durable and should last.


The 911 is quite an impressive all-round car. It is comfortable and tame enough to use everyday. Yet, on the open road the 911 is fast and performs with flawless enthusiasm. For those who can afford it the 911 is a fun and practical sports car.