Africa Record Run in sight

On the 1st of February, British pair, Philip Young and Paul Brace set of on a mammoth journey from Cape Town to London, in the hope that they would set a new record, with the previous record standing at 11 days 14 hrs and 11 minutes.

So far, they are looking good; they are 10 days, 10 hours and 30 minutes into their voyage and they are very close to reaching Calais, where a ferry ride awaits them, before what should be a relatively quick drive from Dover to London, which will see them break the record with time to spare. Whilst this isn’t being documented on the TV, there is plenty of talk about it online and we are sure that it would make for some great viewing, like a Top Gear challenge.

Whist the British duo were not restricted to used cars under £200 as would the Top Gear team, their choice of car may still shock you, as they went for a Fiat Panda baring a Union Jack flag which was no doubt armed to the teeth with extra car parts to help it along the way.

So if down the line you are presented with the option of purchasing a used Fiat Panda which features a Union Jack paint job, make sure you demand full service details and MOT history, as we imagine it has been on quite the ride.

They are doing the run as a way to raise money for a charity known as ‘Farm Africa so it is all for a good cause, and despite some of the more hostile places they have had to travel through, everyone has greeted them with smiles, and their planning that took place beforehand seems to have come off without a hitch.