The Mitsubishi L200: A Parter of the Seas

The Mitsubishi L200 is a proper car for proper bloke who need a big cargo space for all the manly stuff they get up to on a daily basis, like chopping down trees, taking you’re pet bear out to the park, and of course, using tar pooling to turn the pick up into a mobile […]

Top Gear: In Search of Driving Heaven – Porsche 911

One of our favourite episodes of Top Gear is the one where they en devour on a search for ‘Driving Heaven’. One of the cars they looked at was the Porsche 911, here’s our take: The Porsche 911 has been around for a long time. The 911 has been an important model for many Porsche’s […]

The Fastest Car In The World

The technology in automobiles has evolved at a quite staggering rate over the past century and in particular over the past decade or two. Vehicles now have the capabilities to travel at speeds we would not have thought possible maybe fifty years or so ago. Consequently one of the most – probably the most in […]

Africa Record Run in sight

On the 1st of February, British pair, Philip Young and Paul Brace set of on a mammoth journey from Cape Town to London, in the hope that they would set a new record, with the previous record standing at 11 days 14 hrs and 11 minutes. So far, they are looking good; they are 10 […]

Jeremy Clarkson P45 road test

Last week, Jeremy Clarkson road tested the P45, which is claims the title of the world smallest car, and it is absolutely tiny, without enough room for the driver’s arms, or the steering wheel for that matter to fit inside the cars body. Clarkson gives a thorough review of both the benefits and the cons, […]