Jeremy Clarkson P45 road test

Last week, Jeremy Clarkson road tested the P45, which is claims the title of the world smallest car, and it is absolutely tiny, without enough room for the driver’s arms, or the steering wheel for that matter to fit inside the cars body. Clarkson gives a thorough review of both the benefits and the cons, including the P45’s inability to manage potholes, which will probably result in recurring service charges and the fact that you can whizz through traffic jams as the vehicle is so narrow.

Clarkson’s P45 has everything a car needs in order to be classed as roadworthy, including turn signals, headlights, a helmet/roof and a visor which acts as a windscreen.

Whilst it is indeed a very interesting car, we probably wouldn’t recommend it, even if you only use your vehicle in the city and don’t mind looking like a robot on a quad bike, you maybe be better off getting a used Smart Car.